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“From the first contact with 99Hunters, my hiring process was very smooth and carried out in a light way, because I had full support at all stages. Today I am very happy in my job as my profile matched the company perfectly. It really feels like the job position was handpicked for me.”
Felipe Padeti Mineiro
Felipe Padeti Mineiro

Marketing Specialist

"99Hunters is outstanding when it comes to concern for people's well-being. The team supported me with feedback and tips during the entire process. All recruiters should have this empathy for candidates. It was the best experience I've ever had in the hiring process! I am very grateful for the job opportunity I got."
Gabriela Versiani

Data Analyst

“99Hunters conducted the hiring process I participated in - and got the job! - quickly and objectively, in addition to perfectly understanding the moment, both for the candidates and the company. The headhunter who referred me and the entire team involved were incredible!”
Henrique Massao - Sr. Credit and Risk Analyst
Henrique Massao

Sr. Credit and Risk Analyst

How it works
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Companies hire 99Hunters

Companies with recruitment challenges hire 99Hunters to find the best-fit candidates for their jobs.


Our algorithm selects the recruiters

Based on our clients' job descriptions our platform selects the 7 best recruiters from our freelance recruiters' community to reach out to potential candidates.


Once selected
Recruiters contact potential profiles

The recruiters will start the search process through online hunting and networking. Then an interview and refer potential candidates to 99Hunters. Only with your authorization! 😉


After that
99 team interviews candidates

To ensure a positive experience, 99Hunters' experts will be in touch with candidates. Interviewing and supporting candidates through the whole process.


We will support you until the end

The 99Hunters team will always support you every step of the way and make sure that you will receive your final feedback.


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