Find and hire the best-fit talents. No matter where.

We Boost the attraction power of talent-seeking companies through the largest global network of headhunters. No matter where your candidate is, our recruiters will find them.

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"We've worked for several jobs from different areas and levels with agility and powerful hiring insights. It's a cost-effective solution."
Erick Sarto
Erick Sarto

HR Director @Paramount

“They truly immerse themselves in the customer's world and show deep respect for every candidate involved in the process, assuring the best experience possible.”
Fernanda Carlos
Fernanda Carlos

Head of HR @Gelita

“99Hunters is an outstanding partner in the competitive search for the best talents, referring candidates with excellence and agility.”
Daniela Catalan
Daniela Catalan

CHRO @Pipefy

Trusted by over 300+ companies around the world

Why 99Hunters
Go further and find your candidate with the power of networking

The 99Hunters Community, with over 4.000 experienced recruiters, can help your company to find the best-fit profiles according to your needs.

How it works
Have experienced recruiters hunting your new talents

A quick meeting to kick-off
Hunting plan build

In the 1st e-meeting with your Client Success Manager, we will build together the hunting ground guide:

> Job requirements and target profile;
> Hunters' interview script.


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Now hunters start the search
Broad market mapping coverage

Our algorithm will choose the 7 most suitable headhunters, working in sync for your job opportunity, providing a faster and broader market coverage.

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99 team ensures the quality
Smart recruiting system

In 7 days, you will receive the first referrals. Then we will continue referring candidates on a weekly basis until you find the right talent:

> Headhunters screening call;
> CS manager validation interview;
> Candidate feedback guaranteed;
> Hiring process insights.
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To you only focus on interviews
ast, simple, and intuitive

No more emails or calls to follow up on your recruiting process. With just a few clicks, you can automatically:

> Evaluate and compare referrals;
> Schedule interviews;
> Deny candidates;
> Check hiring pipeline KPIs.
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And make the right choice

Your CS manager will support you with the latest hiring trends, insights, data, and best recruitment practices to drive safe hiring decisions.

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Ready to hire?

Let's talk about how we can help you find your next hire.